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Client Reviews

"I really enjoyed working with Culpepper Law because I enjoyed the relational aspect of how they treated their clients and the process. I really felt good about in the end where my money went to, and the value, and the services I received."

– Jen G.

​"When I think of Culpepper Law, one word comes to mind, and that's clarity... the legal system today, I can't understand it, but Culpepper Law puts it down in such a way that, not only do I understand it, but I can embrace it and use it to my purpose."

– Ed K.

Tom is the perfect blend of southern charm and midwest sensibility. He cares about your intimate story like the details of your family and crafts the law around your needs."

– Jesse G.

"We had a lot of questions, and Tom took his time, was very thorough and patient, and did his very best to help us understand what we needed to protect our family."

– Steve H.

"I would recommend Culpepper Law because Tom made us think of things that made us realize what kind of estate planning that we wanted to do, questions that we never thought of, so that we could leave a lasting legacy.

– Michael & Terri J.

"Dealing with Lawyers is sometimes hard, but dealing with Tom Culpepper has been easy. Every occasion, every time we have a question he will explain things."

– Tom R.

"It's been a blessing really to have our family be involved with Culpepper Law. From the moment we met Tommie and his staff we were treated like we were walking into their living room and family."

– Pastor Ferrell

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