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Probate & Estate Administration

Let Us Simplify Probate for You

Probate is the court-supervised process of settling an estate after a death. Probate freezes the assets of an estate until the court can determine the validity of a Will, the amount and value of property involved, and notify any creditors or beneficiaries. Once all of this is done, then the assets may be distributed.

Probate is long, expensive and confusing, taking on average 9-18 months to complete. Often each probate court has its own set of written and unwritten rules that you would need to know to get through the process.

Common questions that arise:

  • Do they have a Will? If so, what do I do with it?

  • How do I transfer the house out of their name?

  • How do I retitle a car to sell?

  • What happens to money left in the bank?

  • What about life insurance?

  • ​Can I be reimbursed for the funeral expenses?

  • Who pays the home utilities until the estate is settled?

  • What do I do with their ongoing bills?

Our staff have walked through this process with many clients. Please call our office at 937-589-4144 to schedule an appointment so we can serve you during this difficult time.

Culpeppr Law Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Trustees know that their role is important, but few people are fully prepared to take on this role alone. The process can be emotional and demanding in time and effort, often due to the intersection of family dynamics and complex legal requirements. Dealing with the financial institutions alone can be frustrating.

Are you a Trustee or Successor Trustee and need help filling that role? Our office is able to help you understand the Trust document, the process of trust administration, the roles and responsibilities as a Trustee and we can map out a plan to coordinate the process with you.

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