Probate & Estate Administration

We Make Probate Simple

There are seven different ways to probate someone’s property after their death using 81 different forms. It’s not always clear which forms to use or how to fill them out.


Often, each probate court has its own set of written and unwritten rules that you will need to know to get through the probate process. Please schedule an appointment with us so we can make this easier in your time of sorrow.

When a loved one dies, we can answer your questions:

  • Do they have a Will?

  • If so, what do you do with the Will?

  • Do they have a trust?

  • How do I transfer the house out of their name?

  • How do I get the car retitled to sell?

  • What happens to the money they left in the bank?

  • What about life insurance?

  • Can I be reimbursed for the funeral expenses?

  • Who pays the home utilities until the estate is settled?

  • What do I do with their ongoing bills?

Culpeppr Law Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Are you a Trustee? Do you need help knowing how to fill that role? We will help you understand the Trust document and any deadlines you need to be aware of. We can train you, or those you name, how to manage, invest, and distribute the money in the Trust.